Tuesday, April 17, 2007

chikumbuso feild day

today we went to the school at 8:30 to start a feild day that they planed for the kids. they invited three other schools, and 20 little kids, and 20 big kids from each school was allowed to attend. most of the teachers said that they chose students who were doing good in school, and working hard. it was really fun we had a bunch of different stations. there was a bobbing for apples, a wheel borrow race, a dress up race, a game where you had to weave the soccer balls through cones, and a game that you had to transfer all the water from one bucket to the other. i was in charge of the dress up game, so it was so fun to watch how the students are just as competitive here as they are at home. they played all the same tricks, like only putting one shoe on, or throughing the shirt over their sholder instead of putting it on, and almost all of them only put one leg in the pants. it was so funny watching them play the games. although i got really sunburt! the other day when we went to the market a got a sunburn in the worst shape, i was wearing a sweater so i have a burnt vase shape on my chest, a farmers tan on top of that from today, and my back is so sunburnt. i am going to have a great tan for prom!!!!
we had to eat nishma again today, although i only took a little bit! i was even more turned away when i was the women cooking and i saw the bowl of chiken feet that i think they might have even cooked! but im not sure if i really want to know!
Linda also had an african accapella group come and sing in the afternoon, it was so great, everyone was singing and dancing.
the best part about the whole day was that today sophila really opened up to me! every other time she was really shy, and the past couple of days she would give me a smile when i walked past her. but today she stayed with me the whole day, she was sitting on my lap, dancing with me, and anytime she left for a second she would always come right back. she is so cute, i really want to take her home! me and my mom are going to sponsor her so tomarrow we are going to buy a matrice and bring it to her house. tomaroww we will bring all the suplies to the students, and i am going to take pictures of the kids eating CHOCOLATE!!! i cant wait, tomarrow will be so fun. on thursday we will get to see alot of the students homes because we will be dilivering masquito netts to the students. World vision donated them or something, and we need to hand deliver them, and watch them be hung up to make sure that they are being put in good use. today bruce delivered a bunch of the regect superbowl teashirts, ( or the ones that were made for the losing team) to a bunch of neady people.
on friday we will be going to victoria falls, it is a really long drive, so we will be spending two nights there, we are going to go on a sufari to see the animals, a boat trip along the falls, and go shopping. i cant wait it will be really relaxing since we have and will be on the go all the time.
everyone wants me to put pictures on my blog, but lindas internet works when it wants to, so i have tried everyday but i doesnt always work. but i promise i am taking alot of pictures, and we are videotaping alot, so when we get back we can have alot of parties so everyone will know what we experienced here. i promise you that is all you are going to hear about for atleast 4 months!!!

i am writing this just so that i dont forget!!!! yesterday at dinner i age crocodile, and i want to remember about the orphans belly buttons. i noticed that some of them are really big, like a bulging area around their stomachs, linda sais that she thinks it is a hernia that the africans are prone to. we were wondering if it was because their umbilical cords were not cut well, or kept clean? i just wanted to take this "note" if you will! sorry
i will try to put pictures on, but like i said i cant promise anything!

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nancy said...

HI CArly
I heard that Vitoria Falls was called "The Smoke That Thunders". Have a great little vacation on your vacation. It sounds like you are having a great time. Wear some sunscreen- love nancy