Monday, April 16, 2007

Work, Work, Work!!!

today we went to the school, and worked. my mom and i spent today painting the outside of the school. right now i am covered in paint, but i had an awsome time. while we were painting linda coats was playing with the kids outside, and when i was watching them i was suprized to see that they were playing red rover! it was so weird to see the students in africa playing a game that i played when i was in elementary school.
i also got to help put together a library system in the school, whe put cards, due dates, and chikumbuso school stamps in each book. what was really great was that i got to talk to a bunch of girls from the school. i asked them about dancing, what they like to do, and a bunch of different things. it was cute because on of the girls was like, do you know ..... she just went to america? just like america was so small that i should know everyone. i think because linda knows almost everyone that comes to visit from america, they think that it is a small place or something. it was cute.
i got alot of information about african dancing from gertrude and maurene. they sat down and explained to me what the dances meant, and the history behind alot of the dancing. maurene explained to me that how well a girl could dance would determin if she would be a good wife, and men would look at these girls dancing at their "comming out" and if they liked what they saw they would just pick the girl up and bring her home to marry. i learned so much about the culture behind dancing, and i think this will help alot with my multicultural project.


nancy said...

HI CArly
Okay so I have been missing parts of my brain- I have been waiting to get another newsy email from your mom and just remembered that I could check your blog! We now have about $4,500 from Taste of Africa night and I have faith that more is coming . The Reminder newspaper has been stalking me with 2 reporters so they best publish something! When the story is published more $ will come. It was a wonderful night...for Voluntown as well as Chikumbuso. There was soup left over so i froze it and will have your family over when you return for "African Soup- Voluntown style"" to hear more about your experiences.
You are so fortunate that you were there for the mattress incident. You got to witness the real experience of Chikumbuso, the AIDS stigma and the amazing courage of Linda Wilkinson. Were the women tested for AIDS or HIV? HAve you been invited to see any of the homes of the women/children involved in Chikumbuso? How do people there NOT involved in Chikumbuso treat you? Also what are the women sewing in the womens' project (besides doing the crocheted bags)?
The first grade teacher told me that her little ones wanted to know exactly who got their eagle and bracelet! I bet some of the bracelets wrapped twice aroud those little wrists. CAn the children speak english to you? I know I have a lot of questions- but I have catching up to do. We survived a huge storm last night- lots of flooding and no power in all of Voluntown from the middle of the night to sometime this afternoon- it got even colder in this house.
Have fun and keep blogging. love nancy

Christelle said...

Hi Carly,
Sounds like you are having the experience of a lifetime! I wish I was there, too. If you have time, could you please some pictures of the women who are sewing? Pictures of their equipment and the items they are sewing would be great! I want to send them more sewing supplies, but I'd like to be sure I'm sending them things they really need most. Say "Hello" to the Wilkinson's and your Mom for me... and all the kids at Chikumbuso. They'll be drinking clean water before you know it! Isn't that awesome?