Saturday, April 21, 2007

What a day!

today we woke up and went on a safari! it was so amazing, we saw so many animals. we first were amazed with the monkeys, even though they are running around our camp and see them just as often as squirrels! but then i saw a crocodile, and then i saw a huge lizard, then i saw some African deer, then a rhino! there are two rhinos in the park, and they are the only rhinos in all of Zambia! they are free to walk around, but are guarded by two guards with guns. it is a male and a female, and last year they had a baby but it died of drought. i got to stand so close to the rhinos is was amazing. the next thing we saw was a trunk of an elephant reaching up for a tree. we stopped the car and started taking pictures all disappointed that all we could see was the trunk from behind the trees. but then one more elephant came, then another, then another! soon there was about 15 elephants, and we even got to see a two day old elephant!!!! they were so cute, and i got great pictures, they crossed right over the road, we actually had to drive up so that they wouldn't walk right on top of us! the next thing we searched for was a giraffe! it took like an hour to find one, and finally we gave up! and on the way out of the park mom spotted one and then we saw another and another. we saw three giraffes, however they were much much much further away then the rhinos and elephants! we also was a warthog, a few hippos, and lots of birds. i had so much fun there!
then we went to Victoria falls! it was amazing! you could get so close to them and we had to wear our bathing suits because you got so wet from the mist! like you couldn't even open your eyes sometimes because you were getting so wet! it was like if you had a really high pressure shower shooting you with water from all angles! it was so amazing, i now know why it is one of the 7 wonders of the world!
we also watched the bungee jumpers jump off the bridge, they tried to convince me to do it, but once i saw someone i got to scared! maybe if i had a friend to do it with i would come back to Victoria falls and do it.
then we went on a boat along the river to see the sun set. it was really pretty, and i had a lot of fun. i met a girl who goes to the university of Zambia, which happens to be like 10 minutes from Linda's house. so maybe i could do a year abroad there and student teach at the chikumbuso school. that is something that i really want to look into!!!!
i had tons of fun today and I'm sad that we are leaving tomorrow!!!!


Dad said...

Hi Carly,
It sure sound like you've experienced a lot in 2 weeks. You've seen one of the seven wonders of the world and some of the most beutiful wildlife in it's natural setting. On the other hand you've seen and experience the plight of people less fortunate than us and who are dealt things in life that no one should have to experience. I hope you can see the importance of the work that Bruce and Linda are doing and even though they can't solve the problems of the world they continue and with the help of God they are making a difference. I'm very proud of you and Mom and know that this trip will change you life. (All our lives.) If you can make a change in even one person's life, you've done a miricle.
I can't wait for you two to get home. Only 2 more days.
Love, Dad

nancy said...

hi Carly
I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I cant wait to hear more when you get home. You will be coming home to spring- it has finally arrived. give my best to your mom and Linda. See you soon. love nancy

Samantha said...

Hi Carly!
It sounds like your trip has been really really exciting. I know we can't wait to hear lots of stories! As I was reading your blog, I was pretty amazed, because just today in Contemporary Issues, we watched a video about the issue of overpopulation in the world today. It talked about how people in other countries, especially Africa, don't know much about AIDS or contraception at all! It's horrible what some of these women have to go through if they become pregnant and don't want the child. I can only imagine what it was like hearing these stories! We can't wait to see you, Carly! I'm glad you got to go to Africa your last year of high school before graduation, it really focuses you hard on what a difference you can make in the world! I know that from my experiences in orchestra and band that now I really would love to start offering music lessons, and maybe even later on in life starting an organization for underprivileged kids who would like to learn an instrument. Music is a wonderful thing and should be shared. Maybe one day we'll collaborate! :-) Have a safe trip home and we'll see you soon!
Sam D.