Sunday, April 8, 2007

Leaving for Zambia

On Tuesday April 10Th i am leaving for Zambia, along with my mom, Jeannie Steinagel from Pawcatuck Middle School, and Linda Coats from North Stonington Elementary School. We will be working with the orphans and widows, and helping out in the school. Jeannie will be digging the start of the 5th grade addition, and Linda will be starting the playground. i will try to report as often as possible about whats going on while I'm there. Also on Thursday April 12th at 5:30, the Voluntown Elementary school will be having an auction to benefit the chikumbuso project. They will be auctioning off clay bowls that the students made, there will be African dancers, and African food to be sampled. I hope that you all will try to attend. admissions is free!!!!


Dad said...

Hi Carly,
I'm in and now I can blog you and Mom while you're in Zambia. God Bless you both and have a safe trip. I'll pray for you and all those helping Chikumbuso every night. Say Hi to Bruce and Linda.
Love Ya, Dad

Dad said...

Hi Carly,
Hope you get to see this while you're in London. I made it home OK and got Mom's voice mail this morning.
Have a safe trip, talk to you soon.
Love Dad

abby :) said...

hey carly!
i love you so much and i hope you and your mom got to Africa safely, hopefully you didn't get too bored with that 12 hour layover, lol. anyways, Mrs. McCusker asked me to give this to you (she was looking for you today, she didn't even know you left! :P).. it's an e-mail between her and a family member that explains how to put pictures on your blog, but it doesn't really say much. I don't know maybe you can figure it out. I know this is really big, but here you go!!:

((To: McCusker, Liz
Subject: Re: blogs again
hi auntie liz,
idin't have to download any typ of program for my blog...there is just a spot to download pictures and after they are downloaded you could type around them....hope she figures it is pretty easy.
work is is fun seeing the kids, but i miss bella so much!!!
sorry short...have to go get the little rascals...
love you!!!))

Hope you can figure it out, cuz i want to see pictures too! i love you carly and can't wait to hear from you over there!!
<3 abby <3

nancy said...

Hey CArly
I keep thinking about you and your mom and wondering what you are doing. I also keep thinking about how you are my guinea pigs- make it back happy and I will go to Zambia!
We are really busy here getting ready for taste of Africa night.It is tonight! I am going to check back to see if you can send me photos of the VES/ Chikumbuso friendship bracelets.
Love nancy

Dad said...

Hi Carly and Sabrina,
I just got e-mails from Linda with pictures of you and the kids with the bracelets and eagles. I printed them to take tonight to Voluntown.

Love, Dad