Thursday, April 12, 2007

Im Here!

so i just wrote like a really long blog, and then i deleted it on accident!!! so I'm sorry if this one isn't very good!
i arrived in Zambia at 6:30 this morning, it was a really long flight, and i watched way too many great movies, and didn't get nearly enough sleep!!when i arrived at Linda's house she informed us that she runs a preschool three days a week in her home, and that the kids would arrive at 8. so i got to hang out with 6 or 7 African children, and made a great friend with this 3 year old Catherine! all the children were so cute! then at 11:30 when they all left my mom and i had a chance to take a short nap! then we were off to see the chikumbuso school!
when we arrived i was amazed at how big it was! instead of it just being one building like i thought there was at least 3. the classrooms were basic but perfect. i was overwhelmed when we walked into the first class( which by the way the students are supposed to be on vacation, but they all are going to school so they can meet us. Its pretty awesome!)and all the students stood up and sang to me and my mom. and it wasn't just this class that did it, every class room we entered greeted us this way. all the students were so sweet and i cant wait to spend more time with them. My mom and i gave all the students that were there a friendship bracelet and a message written on a eagle, sent from the voluntown school. It was so cute how the students would show their friends, and then all of a sudden you would see a few orphans shyly sticking their heads around the corner, looking to see if i had one for them. all the students were so polite saying thank you for everything i gave them. they don't even know the extent of what we brought for them. i am most excited to give them the chocolate. Linda said that most of the students have never tasted chocolate before because its so expensive. i cant wait to take pictures of them enjoying one of my favorite foods in the whole world.
tomorrow there is going to be a party for us at the school, and i cant wait. i think the students are going to be singing and dancing , Linda was trying to keep it a secret so i cant wait to See what is going to happen tomorrow.
i met the little girl today who i have a picture of on my wall! she is so beautiful, she was so shy when i asked to take a picture with her. i think she is 6 years old, and she is in kindergarten. my mom and i are going to sponsor her, however we have to wait until we get back and go through the Church.
I'm trying to remember what else i wrote in my deleted blog?...umm if you guys go to the taste of Africa thing at voluntown tonight, you will see pictures we took with the widows and orphans today. we sent them to Nancy and she is going to put them in the power point.
I'm having an awesome time! cant wait to hear from you guys
(sorry about the spelling, i don't want to mess with it because that's what messed me up before)


abby :) said...

glad you got there safely, and that you are having fun! I have been checking this like 3 times a day to hear from you... lol. I didn't go to Voluntown tonight, but everything is getting going at the school.. Earth Day Cleanup & Run-A-Thon sponsor sheets are everywhere! oh yeah, and we got Mr. Sayles to speak at graduation. Prom is "All My Life"... and thats pretty much it! talk to you soon, love ya!!

Dad said...

Hi Carly and Sabrina,
I just go your e-mail and so I went to the blog. It's great to hear from you and see the pictures. I guess you know by now that Jeanne and Linda Coates had some problems with thier flight. I hope all is good now and their with you safetly. I went to Voluntown last night and it was a HUGE success. Nana and uncle Wayne were there also, so were Laurie and Maureen. There were like 300+ bowls and every one sold. The food was good and there was a large turnout. I can't believe your really there, I'm so proud of you both. Carly, you are soooooo special to me, I hope you make the most of the trip and that this experience really helps you find your place in this world. Take it all in and don't waste a moment. I promise that I'll let you catch up on your sleep when you get home ! lol
Mom too!! ++lol
God Bless you all and keep you safe, love

maureen said...

Hey Carly (and Sabrina),
We are all so glad you've arrive safely. Laurie and I got to see your pictures last night--they gave me goosebumps. It is so cool you are there and working with the kids. The pictures are great (send more!). Your dad emailed them to me this morning--I sent them to Mr. E to see if he's able to upload them to the chikumbuso page, and showed them to Mrs. Farinha, Mrs. Hescock, and Mrs. Vandale. We are all so excited and happy for you. Good work on the blog. Your descriptions make us feel we are experiencing it with you, and they bring back such nice memories of Kenya.
Keep the news coming--big hugs to your mom and all your new friends.

Ms. M

maureen said...

Hi again,
Carly, if you would like to post some pictures to your blog, there are instructions on how at:
Go to "Blogger basics: posting and editing", scroll down to "Browse:pictures -> how do I post pictures?"

Good luck,