Saturday, April 21, 2007

the nets!

sorry it took so long for me to write about what hapened on this day! it was jacobs birthday and when i tried the internet when we got home it didnt work right. then we left for Livingston, and i am have to write about the past three days in an internet cafe! so i am trying to rush so i will not have a huge bill!
when we delivered the mosquito nets, it was very overwellming! we had to walk throughout the compund and we could only give the nets to people we knew needed it the MOST! we ended up having a parade of people folowing us begging for the nets. they were all mad that we couldnt give them the nets even though they also really needed them.we ended up handing out about 38 nets to families all throughout the compound. we met alot of people and really got introduced to the poverty in Zambia. however i was fairly supprized at how kind most of the people were,they all were so gratefull that we were giving them these nets. -by the way beatrice had to chose who got them, and she chose by how many people were living in the house, and how many of the children were of a young age. because when you are really young you havent built up an "immunity" to milaria. so it is really important for those people to be protected!
even though today was really stressfull, and it took alot out of me, there was one thing that really made my day. when we first arived at the chikumbuso school, sophila came up to us with a woman at her side. one of the widows explained to us that this woman was sophilas mother, and that she had been waiting for us to arive so that she could thank us for the matrice. it was so so nice that she gave up work to come and thank us, im not sure that this would happen at home! that morning we had gone shopping, and we had bought sophila a backpack with crayons, a coloring book, a drawing pad, soap, a tooth brush, and toothpaste, she was so excited. sophilas mother asked us if we could send them a picture of us so that she could hang it in her house. it was such a nice suprize to see the apriciation, and to know that we really helped.
the rest of the day was really nice because we got to just hang out with the widows, and talk to them! we have always been on the go, and never really had a chance to just relax and talk. so that was really nice!

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