Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oprahs braclets!!!

anyone who has acess to an oprah magazine should buy it, they May issue is featuring the o braclet, which the chikumbuso widows actually made. when you open up to the page there will be a picture of three braclets, on one on the bottom, that is greenish, and the most expensive, was made by about 30 of the widows and single mothers of chikumbuso. saddly it doesnt mention the chikumbuso name, which we are very upset about, but i promise you that the women made them. they go on sale tomarrow, and there is only one thousand of them so if you are interested go to the macys site soon, im sure they will sell out!

the women told us all about the braclets, the beads that were brought in were very expensive so if the braclet didnt come out good, they had to tear it appart and take all the beads out. each day the wonam in charge would inspect all the braclets that the widdows made, and if they had made 20 that day, about three would be good enough to be sold. all the rest the widdows would have to take apart and remake. even though that sounds horible to us, the women were happy to do it, this meant that they were making money!

linda coats and jeane stienagel brought two issues of the magazines to the chikumbuso school yesterday so that the women could see them. we have pictures of the women so proud of the braclets that they made being shown in Oprahs magazene. -a side note, my mom says this is the perfect oportunity for us all to e-mail oprah about chikumbuso,mentioning the braclets! try anything to get her attention!-
i love you all! im gonna try to figure out how to attach pictures.


Samantha said...

Hey Carly!
It sounds like you are having lots of fun over there and we can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back. Perhaps some banana pudding and aqua pods are in order. :)

maureen said...

Hi Carly--thanks to your blog entries I almost feel like I'm there with you guys--the pictures were a great addition too. you are certainly seeing the stigma firsthand and will have so much to tell us about when you return. you are not missing much here--our spring break weather forecast is rain, rain, and more rain. my sister arrived just ahead of this nor'easter that's blowing in. she said to be sure and tell your mom hi and is excited to hear about these latest chickumbuso projects. just want you to know there are a lot of us keeping track of your activities through your blog. keep up the good work. maureen